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Global Influencers, the first and also the biggest influencer marketing agency in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe is now online: The latest news about its artists, bloggers and vloggers with millions of fans are now just one click away. brings together the cool projects of these content creators and is the easiest way to get in touch with them.

Whether they are active on their blogs, their vlogs, on Facebook, Instagram or on YouTube, the online influencers have become the voice of their communities and have the power to become a role model. INNA, Delia, Antonia, BRomania, Alina Ceușan și Carmen Grebenișan, Ilie, Selly, Laura Giurcanu, Laura Mușuroaea, Like One, Gina Pistol, Mihai Bendeac and many more are content creators with millions of fans and viral content. Each of them – artists, fashion bloggers, vloggers or entertainers – has become the icon of the industry they represent and the voice of their online community.     They are content creators, doers and trendsetters, they know the coolest places to visit, the fashion trends, the latest music hits, they are entertainers for millions of fans and have the ability to influence advertisers, brands and consumers.

Ștefan Lucian, Managing Partner Global Entertainment: ”We have understood the real need on the Romanian market of bringing together social media content creators with top brands. Companies and advertisers have realized the importance of endorsing their brands with top influencers for a more direct and friendly interaction with the consumers. We have developed Global Influencers as a marketing online influencers agency with more than 50 top names on the market – bloggers, vloggers, artists – and we can openly admit that working with them was the key for many successful brand campaigns. We are proudly representing ”The Online Personality of the Year” – Ilie, the most awarded fashion blogger – Alina Ceușan, as well as the most successful and famous Romanian artist abroad, INNA, just to mention a few. We are trendsetters on the Romanian market and thus integrate in a worldwide phenomenon.”

Matei Dima, BRomania: ”Influencer marketing is a global trend and lately it has become more and more popular in Romania as well. We speak about people who have the power to influence consumers’ behavior, as well as to bring brands in the public eye. They may be bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers or famous artist with millions of fans, therefore companies and brands become interested in working with them and making product placement activities. I personally have developed together with Vodafone a successful project based not only on my online popularity, but on my copywriting and directing abilities. The ”Halloween” spot we created became viral in Mexico and Brazil, for example, with more than 50 million Facebook views, which is a record for Romanian market. I believe influencer marketing is a trend that can’t be ignored.”

INNA is the most famous Romanian artist abroad as well as the most powerful Romanian digital brand. According to Instagramology, she is no 1 in top most liked pictures on Instagram from the beginning of 2017 until now. In May 2017 she is no 1, followed by Antonia and Delia and Mihai Bendeac ranking no 6. In June, 4 Global influencers made it to top 10: INNA is the first, followed by Antonia, Delia is at no 4 and BRomania at no 6. INNA made it to no 1 in July as well, followed by Antonia, Delia and Vlad Munteanu at no 9. 

INNA has more than 2 billion views on her official YouTube channel. On other YouTube channels she almost reaches a total of 3 billion views, thus ranking to no 73 in the world’s top. She outreached international artists such as Wisin, Akon, Sean Paul, Madonna, Lana del Rey, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, She has 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and thus surpassed famous artists such as Madonna, Robbie Williams and Rita Ora. INNA has 11 million Facebook fans (more than the total Facebook users is Romania), over 1,3 million Twitter followers and 1,7 million Instagram followers. 

According to Facebrands, INNA is no 1 in the general Romanian brands top, as well as in the singers & bands top, with 12 million likes. BRomania is the top leader in bloggers’ chart with 1,3 million likes.  

The most viral campaign video in Romania belongs to BRomania and was created for Vodafone. The spot Halloween, released on October 27th 2016, has more than 51 million views, over 300.000 likes and 540.000 shares.  

The vlogger Ilie was appointed ”The Online Personality of the year” in 2017, during the 10th Webstock edition, the biggest social media event in Romania. The award was given based on the public’s votes. According to Zelist, Ilie ranks no 1 in top general vlogs. Ilie’s Vlogs has 1.266.706 YouTube subscribers, 171.210 Facebook likes and 443.045 Instagram followers.

The most awarded Romanian fashion blogger is Alina Ceușan: Best Fashion Blog – Elle Blogging Awards 2016, PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Digital Divas (2013-2016) Best Instagram Account of 2015, Digital Divas FTV – Best Fashion Blogger of the Year în 2013.  

Global Influencers is a unique agency in Romania covering various fields, such as general, fashion, entertainment, food, auto blogs and vlogs.


Global Entertainment - Global Records, record label, Global Booking agency, Global Influencers, influencers marketing agency – represents well-known artists such as INNA, Antonia, Carla’s Dreams, Lariss, Nicoleta Nucă, GJAN, Karmen, Lucia, MIRA, Lori Ciobotaru, Yanka, Vanotek and influencers such as Alina Ceușan, Carmen Grebenișan, Laura Mușuroaea, Codin Maticiuc, BRomania, Flick, Mircea Bravo, Ilie, Maximilian, Laura Giurcanu, Selly etc.  

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